Wall Name Swirl




Wall Name Swirl, a beautiful Font to display child’s name on her bedroom wall. The Font will have either a large swirl at the Start of Name or end of name, depending on the letters. We detach the Capital or end letter from rest of name to give a larger wall name for you. The name can then be reaching approx 70cm in length, Height depends on Length of name. We have a selection of colour choices and also additional accessory themes

Additional information

Additional information


No additions, Butterflies, Large Rainbow, Small Rainbows, Stars, Clouds and Stars, Fairies, Large Lashes, Unicorns, Aeroplane, Hot Air Balloon

Colours for Addition

Pinks & Gold, Pinks & Greys, Purple, Grey, Blue, Lemon, Mint, Navy, Blue & White, Pink & Mint, White, Request colours

Colour for Name

White, Baby Pink, Powder Blue, Light Yellow, Teal Green, Light Purple

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