Our Keepsake Boxes, and memory Box, chest boxes a perfect gift for New Born, Christening, Weddings and so many more occasions. We take pride in our beautiful hand made boxes. We offer a selection of styles and designs and sizes. Our products are made with so much care and attention to detail. We design, make and create all here in our workshop in Co. Meath. We offer a selection of painted boxes painted with beautiful high end farrow and ball paint, we engrave and laser cut all of the details in our workshop.

We offer a full engraved box finished with a faint gold natural lacquer finish with warms tones and beautiful engraved detail with the following quote.

” twinkle twinkle little star, do you know how loved you are “. We use a beautiful colour of a pale powder blue. Our boxes are solid birch and pine with hidden hinge. Our chest boxes are also lockable with high quality turning clasp.

So what are the memory boxes used for ? There are no rules about what you should keep in your keepsake box but it is true to say that we could all do with one, for something, at sometime.  Perhaps after an important event such as a wedding or christening.  One keepsake box might contain treasures collected from childhood that you cherish as you leave home or move house.  Others could simply be for members of the family to keep their personal items together.  Whatever you do with your keepsake box remember to keep revisiting it to enjoy what’s inside! A fantastic unique gift idea!

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  • Kathia Keepsake Box

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  • Memory Box Baby Boy

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  • Memory Box Baby Girl

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  • Engraved Wedding Box

  • Baby Box with Booties

  • Kathia Keepsake Box

  • Twinkle Twinkle Engraved Box

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