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Dawn lives in Co. Meath, Ireland with her husband Peter and 7 year old daughter Lottie.
For most of her career Dawn worked in accounts and administration It wasn’t until their long awaited daughter was born after years of fertility treatment that Dawn then suffered with post natal depression and was unable to return to work.

Whilst being a stay at home mom, Dawn wanted to keep every single milestone and important memorable items of clothing that held a memory. Realising she had nothing more than a shoe box to keep these important items safe it gave her the idea for the Memory Boxes. This small enterprise was set up from the spare room of her home and the business was named after their little dog Daisy In 2018 Daisyboo Crafts was born. Specialising in personalised wooden hand painted boxes.

Dawn’s vision was to offer people the opportunity to hold on to those precious important pieces that have such important memories, especially for those who are no longer with us . She dedicates many hours of special care for the memory boxes for those who have been sadly affected by the loss of a baby or loved ones with each piece being bespoke to them. Her Christmas Eve Boxes have been a number one seller since she introduced them to Ireland in 2018 with Baby boxes and Wedding Chests following shortly after which have proved to be a great hit!

Dawn began as a sole trader in 2018 and has recently set up a limited company due to the growth of her business in recent years. Her business continues to go from strength to strength and has expanded into supplying to other crafters and has set up a new business Wall Names Ireland.


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Christmas Eve Box

Christmas Gift Ideas Ireland

Christmas gift ideas! Here Daisyboo Crafts was listed as one of the best in Ireland for Christmas eve Boxes, see here .What to get as gifts for Christmas in Ireland? Probably the most popular, common words and questions googled. We are always looking for new ideas. What can I get my child for Christmas, what can I get my godchild, my parents, yy niece, nephew, grandchild.?! We always want to get something unique, long lasting, and most importantly, memorable and thoughtful. If you haven’t already here are some Christmas Gift ideas from Ireland, keep it Irish and support local Irish businesses. Christmas Gift Ideas for Children in Ireland Christmas Eve Box , A beautiful gift that can be given every year as a tradition, refilled and reused, creating wonderful memories. Some businesses get confused as to what a Christmas eve box is. Its not meant to be from Santa and therefore should not have ” special delivery from the North Pole” or from “Santa” the whole idea is that its a gift from parents or grandparents, to hold the traditional simple values we held in the 1980’s. Remember Christmas eve at home in our house, mammy always gave us new nightdress, nightgown, we got hot coco and new colouring book etc, sat up and watched a VHS movie or whatever was on RTE. This box is to hold all these simple little gifts. I always recommend writing a little letter or card to the child and let them know how proud you are of them for how well they’ve done throughout the past year. These letters should be kept and photos of child holding this box every year. Hand all over on their 21st Birthday. These are just ideas. What can I put into a Christmas Eve Box? Snuggly Socks Toy Craft Set Slippers Hot Chocolate Book Christmas Pyjamas set Books Craft Sets Gift Ideas for first Christmas First Christmas has many different references, to keep it simple and small budget, Personalised Christmas tree decorations for “First Christmas in our New Home” ” Baby’s First Christmas” First Christmas as Mr & Mrs or Mr & Mr or Mrs & Mrs are such a memorable thoughtful gift. I recommend our engraved Christmas tree decoration gifts, and our Christmas Bauble Box Set. Here you can get an engraved wooden gift box with family name or Grandchildren names, with tree decoration with the

Deluxe Baby Gift Set

Baby Gifts Ideas

Are you looking for the perfect gift for Newborn baby? At Daisyboo Crafts, we have a wide range of unique and meaningful gifts to choose from. Here are some baby gift ideas to inspire you: Personalised Baby Keepsake Box When it comes to Baby gifts, there are many options to choose from. The wooden boxes stand out among most on the market, using the best in wood and accessories and engraving. These boxes are to keep special milestone pieces, first baby gro, first booties, hospital bracelet, hospital book and notes, first curl, first tooth, first rattle, so many things to keep.  One popular choice are mostly always loved are personalised which we personally engrave, soother clips, milestone discs or nursery wall sign. Wall Names for Nursery Wall Name signs are a beautiful gift that come in a variety of themes, fonts and designs. Wall names come in a choice of materials to choose from, styles that will never date. Wooden wall names and wooden letters painted, we also offer acrylic names too. Baby’s Firsts Gifts From Milestone Discs to baby first year box, Baby First Christmas decorations, Baby’s first Christmas Eve Box, a lovely selection of choices that really do hold memories. We hope this guide has given you some ideas for Baby gifts. Remember, it’s important to choose a gift that is both meaningful and personal. At Daisyboo Crafts, we offer a wide range of unique and personalised gifts to suit any budget. Shop online or visit our store to find the perfect gift today!

Cake Toppers!

Cake Topper who knew Cake Toppers would become so popular? Way back, when candles were all that was needed on a cake. Now the Topper is as important and the cake itself. Cake toppers come in a variety of materials, from card paper, acrylic, mirror acrylic and wood.  Wedding Cake Toppers There are so many beautiful cake topper choices for weddings, from ornaments, sugar toppers, acrylic wooden and more. Cake toppers of couples, family, adding animals and all sorts of themes. Birthday Cake Toppers Again the choices for cake toppers and themes are endless. From personalised names, numerals, themes for football cake toppers, golfing cake toppers, from First Birthday right through to 21st, 30th, 40th, to the big 100th BIrthday and beyond! anniversary cake toppers. We here at Dasyboo Crafts offer endless bespoke made to order cake toppers for every occasion. We use acrylic, Mirror acrylic, and wooden. Look at some of our styles here

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